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Recommendations: a powerful opportunity for local businesses

Better seize this opportunity to generate new leads!

76% of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to choose a local business to use (Bazaarvoice survey). 

For local businesses, recommendations are important to get new customers. If traditional word-of-mouth is still the most used recommendation method, online reviews are becoming more and more important… Hubspot stated that “52% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations” and Bazaarvoice stated that 51% of people consider user-generated content more important than their relatives’ opinions.


business recommendation method

With Google+ Local putting forward in Google results when people do a request for a local business, the importance of online recommendations has now risen again. When a search is done locally about your activity, not only will it feature reviews about your business from Google users, it also will also feature recommendations from other review sites.


To see a benefit for your online reputation, you do not need to have thousands of reviews: most of consumers will trust a business with less than 10 reviews! This is not a hard objective to achieve for businesses and it is a good action as part of an inbound marketing strategy

reviews needed for busines trust

Generating online reviews is not the only objective to consider… How to proceed to effectively use online recommendations?

Get more feedback, solicit reviews! Let your customers know you want to hear from their experience with your business and make it easy for them to give you a feedback. You can for example put a call-to-action in your email signature so your customers can leave a feedback in one click , and put a link on your website. Offer several options: on an external website, on social media (Facebook and Linkedin have recommendation modules), by email, on a landing page… This will both help your online reputation and your quality customer service management.

Do not limit recommendations to reviews on external websites. You can create a testimonial page on your website, and offer case studies about a job or a service you have done for a customer.

Control your e-reputation! Monitor what is said about your business online and establish an online presence where your customers talk about. It is important to be part of the conversation to show your customers how you care about your customers’ satisfaction. Make sure you answer negative feedback and improve your service according to what you find out from customers’ discussions. Keep in mind that it is impossible to have control about what is said online and, whether you monitor it or not, people may talk about you… So take the advantage to be present and answer them instead of ignoring this opportunity!

If you are one of our customers and you are reading this: we will always be happy to receive a feedback from you to always provide a better customer service! Send us an email, or connect with us on Facebook or Linkedin for example!