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“Generate more leads from your website today!” with Inbound Marketing

Would you like your clients to discover by themselves your business and your offer, and then contact you?

This is Inbound Marketing.

On the contrary of traditional marketing strategies, with Inbound Marketing the initiative comes from the client himself and not from the company. So you can deal with qualified leads who contacted you rather than trying to reach a cold target.

If this idea sounds perfect, it does not come easily and of course it still requires efforts from your side! The key elements for Inbound Marketing? Have a Content Marketing Strategy so you provide interesting and relevant content that will attract your target, optimize your website to convert your visitors and use social media.

If Inbound Marketing can help your business saving money and generating leads on a long-term basis, do not set up too high objectives when you start it and do not expect leads to show up immediately: it will take time and it requires patience.

Having a business blog for example can be first step to start an Inbound Marketing strategy: you will affirm you expertise, provide interesting content to attract your target, and increase your SEO over time!

We have found this infographics from IMpact that describes the Inbound Marketing process in 6 steps:

  1. Define a strategy, set objectives and a budget to measure ROI
  2. Create an efficient website easy to update
  3. Generate traffic with blogging, Social Media, SEO and even Pay-Per-Click
  4. Use landing pages with attractive offers and call to action to convert visitors into prospects
  5. Convert prospects into customers by using marketing automation
  6. Measure your performance

At Visual Link, we can help you in any of these steps if you want to set up an Inbound Marketing strategy. Contact us!

For more details about Inbound Marketing, this infographics is really clear and full of ideas: