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Your visitors’ personalities on your e-commerce website

Do you understand your visitors’ personalities on your e-commerce website?

Online shoppers can be categorized in different categories. Knowing and analysing them can help you improve your website and increase conversion rates.

Online or Offline, customer traffic and Shopper behaviour can be analysed to make further decisions to increase sales by working on the shopper experience and shopper marketing: on the display, during the checkout, on the product offers… There are solutions to rise your chances to close the sales if you consider your visitors shopper behaviour.

Online shoppers can fit in 10 categories:

  • The Premium Shopper: he will only buy premium brand

  • The Loyal Shopper: he will purchase if there is the possibility to join a rewards program

  • The Determined Shopper: he is always looking for a great deal and a good offer

  • The Free Shipping Hunter: he will not buy if he has to pay for the shipping

  • The Impatient Shopper: if he does not find the item he is looking for immediately, he will go to another website.

  • The Distracted Shopper: he will start to do the checkout but will finally stop the process and he does not purchase.

  • The Wish List Shopper: he will add everything he wants to his shopping cart to get an idea about the total price, but he may not purchase.

  • The Active Shopper: he is browsing and incentives will impact him and close the sale.

  • The Methodical Shopper: he is looking for an exact product and does not browse the website, he uses the site navigation to get to it.



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