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5 ideas to connect better with your Facebook Community

Do you want to increase engagement on your Facebook Page?

Following these advice will help you to get more results on Facebook.

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Having fans liking your Facebook page is great, but creating interaction and generating reactions from them is another challenge. These 5 easy ideas to follow will help connecting better with your Facebook fans in order to get more comments, likes, virality and click-through with your posts.

1. Limit your post size

Facebook allows you to write as much as you like on your posts. However, people tend to interact with short posts more than with long posts. This is why we highly recommend you to keep the size under 150 characters.

2. Run analytics to identify the content that your target most interact with

Usually, photos increase interaction up to 120% according to Facebook. With your page insights, you can analyse the engaged users and the virality for each of your posts. With some reporting, you will have an idea about the type of content your target most interact with. You can then adapt your strategy from this. It will give you much more than likes, comments and click-throughs: you will please your target and improve your relationship with them!

If you cannot find how to access to your insight page on Facebook, try this link:

3. Avoid link shortener

To shorten a link can be really an advantage for some media (like Twitter for example), but it is not so much a good idea for Facebook. If you do need to shorten the URL, personalize the address with your name like You will get much more click through than with a basic shortened URL if you give a hint about the link you are posting so users will know where they will be redirected.

4. Ask questions or ask for a reaction

This is very basic, and this is actually the best way to get answers in comments or more likes.

Some easy way to increase interaction is to publish an image that will be popular and write “Like if you agree” or this kind of a call to action. However, you should always keep in mind that you have a strategy with objectives and to be successful your main goal should not be to have the highest number of likes! Relevant and targeted content will attract a relevant target and will really make sense with your global strategy.

Some good engaging post can be to ask your “fans” their opinion about something, or their experience for example, on a topic related to your activity / your industry. In addition of creating engagement and a relationship, it can also be a great tool to learn insights and feedback from your target!

5. Find the best time to post

Interactions and click-throughs depend of the time you post. published a research with the best time to publish posts on Facebook. However, ideally, you should analyse your page insight data to see at what time you get the most interactions to adapt to your target.


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