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Improve your e-commerce performance with user-generated content

Do you want to increase conversion on your e-commerce website?

User-generated content should be integrated in your online store to increase engagement and trust. And SEO.

This article is part of the ECommerce Improvement Kit.

User-generated content has many benefits for your e-commerce website and presents great opportunities to increase your traffic and conversion rate.

First of all, people are seeking more and more transparency from companies selling online. Allowing users to post reviews and ratings is a good step forward to meet their needs.

It is the opportunity for shoppers to get more information on a product, with another point of view than the manufacturer’s or the retailer’s points of views. User-generated content will also help you to attract more visitors: the content produced will be unique and fresh, which is the best content to please search engines and rank higher in the search results!

This is also an opportunity to create interaction on your website and show your customers that you care about their opinions, so engagement for your brand will increase. Negative reviews can happen, and this is not something to be scared of. If it is an isolated case, most shoppers will not be affected by the negative review. It can even sometimes save you time by avoiding the shopper to make a mistake by ordering the product and then sending it back to you. But most of all, you should use negative reviews as feedback to analyse so you can improve your products or your website.

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