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Company Website Development: 7. Promote your website

Do you need to have your business website developed?

Online presence is much more than just having a website.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit.

Once your website is done and published, you should not stop there assuming you now have an online presence. Promoting your website is essential to get a ROI! 

Make sure people can find your website

  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Add your website address to all your communication tools, including your email signature and your stationery
  • Do not hesitate to promote offline your online presence, your website is part of a global marketing strategy

Seek improvements

  • Web analytics: Analyze your performance: which pages are the most visited? where do your visitors come from? what search brings you more conversions? You can cross different information with web analytics and use data to better market your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization: make sure your website is optimized to appear on search engine results for the relevant keywords, and do actions to always support a good ranking (fresh content, good backlinking strategy, keyword optimization, social media…)
  • Build a strategy to get backlinks: find a way to have people talking about your website (content, linkbait, free products, link partnerships…)

Get word of mouth, build a community: Go on social media

  • Add sharing buttons: make online word of mouth easy so your satisfied visitors can bring you new visitors
  • Be present on the same social network than your target: connect with your customers and prospects, learn about what they think of you, and give them reward and value.

Online advertising

There are many different methods for online paid advertising, and they can suit different type of budget: consider pay-per-click advertising and Google Adwords or contact directly the website you share your target with!


Promoting your website is the final step of our Company Website Development Kit, but it is an ongoing task to get the most of your website once it is built. Stay tuned on Visual Blog, we often provide tips on this topic to give you ideas to promote your website!


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