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QR Code users have doubled in one year in Europe

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Are QR Code going to be a real opportunity for businesses?

According to Comscore report, the number of smartphone users who scanned a QR code increased by 96% in one year in Europe.

Your target uses Smartphones: have you considered using QR Codes? We talked early in this blog about QR codes, what it is and how they can be used. The question remaining was actually are they going to be used. The study reveals there is a real business opportunity with QR Codes.QR Codes are now penetrating Europe with 17,4 millions of users in July 2012. The growth for one year is really impressive and we can expect it to carry on as it will push companies to use even more QR Codes.

The report gives interesting information for businesses dealing with the use of QR Codes with figures about when users have scanned a QR Code: “3 in 4 QR Code Scans Resulted in Receiving Product Information”. 

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For more information about using QR Codes, you can read our blog post with examples!

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