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Mobile website or Mobile App? An overview of the differences

Are you hesitating between a mobile website or a mobile app?

Both are great tools and offer advantages and features.

We can help you identify which solution is the best according to your goal. Have a look at the differences between mobile websites and applications:

Mobile Website
Mobile Application
You can access it directly with a browser, no installation is required. You need first to download the app and to install it on your phone.
You have to go through the browser every time you want to access the mobile site, and type the URL or find the bookmark. The access after installation is quick and easy with just an icon to tap.
It works from any platform and device with a browser: one version will work for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones… It works only for the platforms and device your app has been built for: you will need to build several app if you want users to access it from any device.
For a simple mobile website, cost is cheaper than for a simple app and you will only need one development. App is expensive to develop and you will need more than one development if you want your app on different devices.
No submission needed, the mobile website is independent.

 You need to submit your app to the App Store and to follow their requirements.

Easy to make the mobile website evolving: you can upgrade it as much as you want and users will automatically access to the new version. You will have to submit your app updates to the App Store and users will have to download the version.
An Internet connection is required to access it. You can access it offline, no internet connection is needed.
Limited: no access to phone features. The app can interact and interface with the phone features (GPS, Bluetooth, Camera…) and you can use Push Notifications and In-App purchase.
Fast to use. Very fast to use.


Which one is better than the other?

This is impossible to say: it really depends on your goal and objectives and on the content and features you want to offer. Both usage are rising and in many cases, a mobile website and a mobile application are complimentary.

Do you want to go a step further and have a mobile solution for your business?

If you go for a mobile application, check out our series of article starting with a process to help you develop your app!

From the compatibility of your website on mobile devices to the creation of a dedicated application, we have solutions for you and we can help you for your project. Do not hesitate to contact us!