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A process to help you develop your phone app

Do you have a phone application idea and are you wondering how to have it developed?


Phone applications are sometimes referred to as the new goldmine: from a simple but original idea, we can read success stories of people making millions with their app.  In line with the mobile usage rising with smartphones and tablets, the IDC estimated that App downloads will reach 183 billion by 2015, up from 10.7 billion in 2010. There are business opportunities to seize in the mobile switch. However, for someone who is not in this industry, it is hard to know how to develop a phone application and what it involves.

At Visual Link, we offer a service of building phone applications. We often deal with customers with a great idea but who have no clue about how to start using this idea. Well, it is not that easy and we hope our series of articles about building a phone application will help. use the comments below if you have any specific questions!

Let’s start with this topic:

A process to help you think about your project

1. Formulate your idea

First, decide on which device you want your app built for: iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Second, think about your target, the service you want to offer… like a market analysis. An app is a product you are going to launch, you need to have a strategy behind your idea if you want it to be successful!

Look at other apps in the app store, find some similar ones with features you like, think about the functionality you really need in your app, and the ones that may interest you if they can fit in your budget. Keep in mind you will need a budget to market your phone app as well.

Ask yourself how you want to monetize your app, as this can involve further developing (in-app purchase, in-app advertisement, mobile commerce…).

2. Formulate the functionality

“If I press this button, what happens?”

Even though your idea may not be complex, there are many possible scenarii about how the app can work and how your different screens will interact with each others. Knowing step by step about how your app will work will be part of the process to estimate the cost of building it.

3. Graphic design

You will need graphics to be created for the screens that will be displayed on the phone. This is very important as this is what your customers will be seeing! Graphics can be very simple but if you want something specific, it can impact your budget.


Stay tuned for next week topic: 

How much does it cost to build a phone application?

Do you want to take your mobile app idea to the next step?

It is better to limit the number of third parties to save time and avoid communication issues. At Visual Link, we have in our team developers, graphic designers and marketing specialists that work all together so we can help you formulating your ideas into a development logic and we can then handle the entire process of building a phone application and even help you promoting itSend us an email or give us a call on 02 9565 2884!