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Linkedin company page: an opportunity to get more online visibility!

Enhance your online presence with an optimized Linkedin company page!

The company page allows you to present your company, your activity and also to showcase your products! This is an opportunity to give more exposure to your business, products and services. 

With over 3 million Australian members (March 2012), Linkedin is the largest professional network. It is very powerfull in SEO and if you optimize well your personal and company profiles, it will give you a new opportunity to appear in search engine results.

On a Linkedin company page, your can:

  • Describe your activity
  • Showcase what you offer by presenting your products / services, describing them (you can even add videos) and setting the person to be contacted or a link to a relevant page on your website
  • Get recommendations for your products / services (read our post about how recommendations are a powerfull opportunity for businesses)
  • Provide updates and news about your company (new projects, new services, new blog post, press release…)
  • Get followers that are interested in your company and your activity
  • See insight about your page and monitor the activity on your profile


We can help you in your social media strategy and in the setting up of your profiles with optimized content and graphic designcontact us now!

Visual Link Products and Services page on Linkedin