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Have you optimized your business cards?

Are you making the most of your business cards?

Business cards are great communication tools: they are an affordable and they will boost your brand and your business by generating leads, traffic or sales. However, to be effective, they must be noticed and optimized. As a design and printing company, we have some tips for you to check if you are making the most of your business cards.

  • Be consistent with your business objectives

You business cards must reflect the nature of your business and relay your business identity: it is a marketing tool. This is why you must consider using quality and you should never hesitate to update your business cards information or look if needed.  If you are on a budget and cannot afford graphic design, you can of course use a template for a cheap solution, but make sure you choose one that is relevant with your corporate identity: a business card is a tool to make you memorable!

  • Make sure you display the right information

Clearly write on your business cards what you do: it must be obvious to catch your target’s attention. Do not display too much information: keep the key message that you want your target to associate with your business. You can also have different business cards for different purpose or different targets.

Your target has a smartphone? Why not considering a QR code to scan so your contact details are directly entered in his/her phonebook?

  • Make sure the information is easy to read

If your text is too small, you should think again about the design you use. Information on business cards must be clear and easy to get. When choosing the typography, even though originality can be great to differentiate, keep in mind the readability is a key criteria.

  • Be reachable on different channels

Do not miss the opportunity to drive traffic to your website and to connect with your target on social media! Phone, emails, website, social media or even Skype: if your company and your target use different channels of communication, you should indicate them on your business cards so contacting you and connecting with your company will be easy.

  • Don’t leave the back blank

Printing both side does not cost so much more so do not waste an opportunity to maximize the information you give to your target! The back can be used to display details about your services or products, or your experience for example.

  • Choose the right format

Originality is good to get noticed, but make sure storing your card remains easy otherwise your target may not keep it.

Have you identified some improvements to make on your business cards?

We can help you to implement them and produce them, we have served many companies in Sydney and Australia: contact us!

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