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Get more customers: a checklist to gain their trust!

Are people trusting your company?

Trust is important in customer relationship and not aiming to gain your visitors’ trust could make you lose leads.

Are you giving reasons to people not to trust you online? We have compiled a checklist of mistakes to avoid!

1. Check your website graphic design

  • Make a great first impression, this is important: you have 3 seconds to convince the visitor to stay on your page!
  • The user-experience is a key: your website must be easy to navigate and must inspire professionalism and trust.

2. Check information

  • Put pricing information: If you do not want to put a specific price on your website (for example, at Visual Link, all jobs are different and we have to do a consultation with our customer to estimate the cost of his/her project), give at least to your visitors a general idea about the costs of your products or services.
  • Make it easy to contact you: provide a phone number and a physical address, do not only put a form to receive online inquiries.
  • Do not hide information: avoid writing vague information that are not directly telling the customer what you do and what you sell. If there are extra costs, mention it: it will help you gaining their trust on a long-term basis.

3. Focus on your content

  • Be careful about your content: make sure it is easy to understand and check spelling and grammar mistakes. It does not mean you have to be a perfect writer, but some common mistakes can make you appear less professional and hurt your visitors’ trust.
  • Provide content for your target: your content has to be optimized to please search engines so you will rank high in their results, but your visitors are human beings not robots and it is important to please them as well! If your content is only made of keywords with sentences that are not quickly making sense about what you actually offer, you will lose their interest and won’t gain their trust!
  • Show and share your expertise: it can be done through a business blog, through comments on social media (blogs, forums, social networks…) or by providing extra content like ebooks or video for example. You will really gain credibility.
  • Include testimonials

4. Be clear when you collect information

  • Have a privacy policy: this is just a simple link to write in a page that you will not share the information your visitor provides you with a third party.
  • Try to collect only the information you need: information that will not help you providing the best service to the visitor should not be required.
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe from your mailing list


5. Check the web 2.0 features

  • User-generated content has exploded with 2.0: online recommendations are very important and will definitely impact the trust of your visitors, in both a positive or a negative way! You cannot ignore them.



At Visual Link, we can help you for all these points. Contact us now!