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Company Website Development: 3. Choose your domain name

Do you need to have your company website developed?

Your domain name is the identity of your website and how it will be referred to.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit.

Characteristics of your domain name

It is ideally made of your business or brand name. You can also choose to go with keywords of your activity, but this is not was Google will prefer.

It must be easy to spell and to memorize. So short domain names are the best, or a name that has a meaning.

Once you have come up with an idea, verify that it is free to use by typing it into your bar address. You may have to be more imaginative if your ideal address has already been taken: change the extension (.com , , .net , .org … ) or add an hyphen (visual-blog instead of visualblog for example) can solve the problem.

Before finalizing your domain name registration, do some testing. Try to give your website address to someone and make sure there is no confusion possible (no easy spelling mistakes, no misunderstanding, no recurrent questions about the spelling, etc.). If you see any negative reaction, it is still time to make a change!

You can also consider registering multiple domain names with additional extensions (.com / for example) or different spellings to avoid competition or in case people may misspell the name.


Now that you have the address, it is time to think about  what you will put into your website and define a strategy for your website content, for which we will give you more details next week.

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October Update:

We have found this infographics from Shelcom with some extra information that may be useful. Have a look:

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