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Company Website Development: 4. Your website content

Do you need to have your business website developed?

Your website content will attract your visitors: define it correctly.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit.

How to define content?

You have previously defined the goal of your website. You have also identified your target. You content must use this critical information and focus on them: it has to be created to attract visitors to your website and deliver your goal.

Your content must…

Be efficient: you have 3 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention

  • First impression is very important
  • You have to give your visitors the envy to read more
  • Be clear and concise
  • You can use pictures, videos and presentations to vary the content and provide additional value

Focus on providing content for your target, not for your company

  • Enhance the benefits for your target, do not focus only on the product itself
  • Do not hesitate to use you instead of we

… Have a call to action

  • Invite your target to contact you or to buy your product: make it easy for them to go further!

… Be optimized for Search Engine Optimization

  • List keywords and use them: a good search engine optimization will drive traffic to your website
  • Add new content and make sure your content is up to date; it will please search engines and your visitors!
… Consider Mobile usage
Mobile usage is rising in Australia and your target may use it
Different options to consider mobile usage: compatibility, mobile website, mobile application


You have now content in line with your goal and your target.

It is now time to build the website, with the first step we will detail next week: identify your needs for your website



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