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Company Website Development: 1. Find out your goal and objectives

Do you need to have your company website developed?

Finding out your goal and your objectives is a key strategic stage to start with.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit.

Find out your strategic goal

Establishing an online presence is a must for today’s fast moving business. But this is not a goal itself. Your goal for your website is your vision, your aspiration for it.

You have to ask yourself : Why do I want a website? What do I want to achieve?

Your website has to be part of your business strategy. You must define a budget and a time frame for developing this new key element of your strategy and taking care of it once the development is done. It does not mean it has to be expensive, but it has to be planned. And most of all, you must define OBJECTIVES, as the path to follow to achieve your goal.

Define your objectives

Ask yourself why you want to develop a website:

  • To present your company?
  • To present your products?
  • To sell online?
  • To connect with your customers?

These different missions require different tools in your website. Of course they can evolve and are not set forever, but it will save you time and money to think about it before launching the development process and making changes in your initial brief during the development process.

In business, to achieve success, you must set objectives to reach your goal. It is the same for your business website. Each Objective has to be SMART:

  • Specific: State clearly your objective: who/what/when/where/why?
  • Measurable: You have to define how you can measure your performance regarding this objective. How will you know when it is achieved?
  • Achievable: If your objective is not achievable, it will have a negative impact. You will be frustrated and lose motivation so it is not efficient to target to high. Find the good balance to keep it challenging to achieve your goal.
  • Realistic: Make sure you have the resource to achieve your objective (time, money, people…). Keep it relevant to your goal: it is part of your strategy and it is a way to focus on steps to reach to achieve your goal
  • Time-Bound: Set a deadline for your objective. It has to be planned, with always your final goal in mind.

Measure your performance

Your objectives are measurable, so you can measure your website progress and performance according to them. The most obvious measures are the number of visits and the online sales generated.

But the measure can go much further according to your strategy and objectives:

  • Customers feedbacks
  • Inbound links generated / Number of people talking about it
  • Number of people in the online communities
  • Number of comments received
  • Online requests about your products/services received
  • Email subscription…


Have you now set your goal and objectives?

Congratulations, you are now ready for the second step of planning to create the website for your business, that we will cover next week: Identify your target

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