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94% of companies use social media: How and Why?

 MBA Programs has just released an infographic showing how US companies give more and more consideration to social networks: 94% of them use social media!

For most of them (85%), it gave them more visibility and almost 3/4 of them increased their traffic with as little as 6 hours a week spent on social networks. This is not surprising: companies are meeting with their target where their target actually is!

Social Networks have revolutionized the way people connect and interact with their peers… and with brands. Combined with the rise of mobile Internet access, social network popularity has been growing for years: connecting to social media has become a daily routine for many Australians. It is now necessary to consider social media in your business strategy: new ways of connecting directly with your target and customers have emerged and created new opportunities.

However we can see on this infographic that blogging is declining. It is true that successful blogging requires time and efforts to identify and write content that will give additional value to your readers/customers and serve your business, as it definitely must not be about selling your products. But still, this is surprising that such an interesting tool is “in decline” as we see it as a good opportunity to generate leads by creating original content, with more information  about your company, your industry and your activity, and by achieving a different kind of relationship with your target. Your blog posts will stay, be archived and searched, whereas your posts on Social Networks are more ephemeral. Finally, they do not have the same objectives and they are really complementary. 

Moreover, the time you invest in blogging will also show concrete results in achieving natural SEO, by providing fresh, original and quality content. Search engines focus more and more about content and they love blogs whereas they will not index your Facebook posts for example: a blog is a key to gain traffic!

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Social media is going corporate

Courtesy of: MBA Programs


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