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Why Sell Online?

“Nearly 62 per cent of adult internet users in Australia purchased goods and services online in the six months to April 2011”

according to ACMA research (E-commerce marketplace in Australia: Online shopping)

E-Commerce is a real opportunity for businesses to grow their market, and it presents benefits for both the merchant and the consumer:

Benefits of ecommerce for merchants:

• Increased Market Reach through e-business

• More Customers Driven to Existing Channels

• Improved Customer Service

• Enhanced Market Research

• Reduced Costs through Shopping Carts

• Mass Customization of ecommerce software and products

• Development of One-to-One Marketing Relationships

• Value-Added E-commerce Applications

Benefits of ecommerce for consumers:

• Convenience of e-business

• Price Competition

• Ecommerce Shopping Carts allow better Selection

• Customization of Products Catered to Online Consumers

• Information and Education of E-commerce and Purchasing Online

• Entertainment of e-Business

• Customer Service Level

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