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Increase your online sales with videos – E-Commerce tips

Video is one of the fastest-growing content types on the Internet.

Using videos on your ecommerce website can increase your sales.

This article is part of the ECommerce Improvement Kit.

Videos improve your product pages

It provides information to your visitor in a very different way than written product description and a better opportunity to communicate the product value. It is more visual and brings the product to life. The visitor has a better idea about what the product looks like, how it is used and how it should make him feel for example. It adds emotions and reality and is a real source of product information.

This addition information will help your visitors to make a decision more quickly about buying or not the product.

This is also a more engaging format for your customers and videos are more suitable for social sharing than text, and for a mobile experience. It can even be embed on other websites or blog.

Types of videos to enhance your products

There are different ways to present your products in a video, for example:

  • Showing the product in use: you could even ask your current customers to do these videos for you!
  • Instructional videos to demonstrate how to use/assembly the product: if it is a complex product, so it helps overcome the customer’s doubts or it shows better all the specifications
  • Unboxing: to show what the box includes and how it is presented
  • Testing: to show the quality and advantages of your product
  • Testimonials


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