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Identify the right keywords: the basis of your SEO

Do you want to increase your website visibility for topics that matter?

Keywords are very important for having a successful SEO strategy.

As the first step in improving your online presence, it is important to identify the keywords you want to focus on in order to make sure you use them and attract a targeted traffic. We have compiled easy tips to help you find the keywords that will best help you in reaching your target and increasing your search engine ranking:

  1. Think like your visitors: they are the one who will type keywords on Google so you have to identify what they will search and make sure you integrate this vocabulary in your pages. Do not use jargon but think of what your target would type if they were interested in finding your type of business/product/service.
  2. Use Google Suggest: it can help you find ideas about what people (and ideally your target!) may type in the search engine in relation with your activity. How? Just start typing a keyword in Google and wait for the suggestions to appear!  Note the ones that are relevant, and try to find ones that are more precise with what you offer on your website.
  3. Use Google Adwords Keyword tool: with few keywords, Google will suggest you related keywords and you can see the popularity of each of them. Be careful not to focus only on most popular keywords. Firstly because your focus must be on your target and not on the popularity of a keyword in order to drive targeted traffic. Secondly, because the popular keywords are logically the most competitive ones and great results are harder to achieve! If you have a niche market, make sure you use some keywords about it and do not stay too general, you will get better results to start with.
  4. Do not forget the long tail keywords: as we just said, it will be easier to compete on keywords that drive less traffic than on most popular ones. If you integrate in your strategy a focus on many relevant association of keywords that do not drive so much traffic, at the end it can represent a great qualified traffic! Instead of focusing on 1 or 2 keywords your target may type in Google, focus on full sentences or phrases that can be written. This way you can differentiate from the targeted keywords of your competitors and achieve a very good ranking for long tail keywords. Check regularly the new sentences that can be typed in Google: 1/4 of the requests are new and unknown by search engines!
  5. Use statistics reports: if you have Google analytics or other analytic tool installed on your website, you can get external data about the keywords your visitors typed to access to your website, so you know which ones you perform well on. You can also generate statistics about what pages are the most popular, so you know what your target is the most attracted to when visiting your website, and what pages received the highest numbers of visits from search engines, so you have an idea of the topics you get good results from. These analytics about your website are really useful to understand how you perform and take further decisions.

Although keywords are very important, remember  you are writing content for your target: the best way to achieve results is to produce a unique, interesting and engaging content rather than focusing on the keywords. It is your content that will generate backlinks, shares on social networks, grow, leads, returning visitors…


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