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E-Commerce solutions: Delivery matters

Do you want to increase conversion on your e-commerce website?

Delivery is a service you must consider carefully as it impacts consumers’ choice to purchase online.

This article is part of the ECommerce Improvement Kit.

These findings from Australia Post (Delivering To Your Customers: What do they really want?) shows that consumers have expectations about delivery when they purchase online: “94% of online shoppers prefer a choice of delivery options to trade off price and speed depending on needs (Stress Free Shopping Campaign Effectiveness Survey)”.

Working on improving Delivery is an opportunity for e-commerce websites in Australia. Here are some advice:

Delivery cost must be found easily and the costs must be transparent

Customers want to find information about shipping and delivery fast and they do not want to be surprised later on with hidden costs. Make information accessible from anywhere on your ecommerce website and be transparent about the costs.

An FAQ page about delivery can also help the customers to trust your website. and of course make sure you are available to answer any further questions they may have.

Choice is the key: offer delivery options

Your customers expectations about delivery change according to what they are buying and why. Sometimes they want the cheapest solution and time has no importance, sometimes on the contrary the speed is the major criteria they look at and they are willing to pay extra to have it delivered immediately.

With delivery options, you will be able to always be aligned with there expectations!

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