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Consider Consumer Behaviour when Optimizing your Mobile Website

Optimizing your website for mobile usage is not only a matter of size!

Consumer behaviour on mobile device differs from “classic” website: adapting the content and the user experience is a key of success.

Mobile usage is growing and it has become a real stake for businesses to adapt to it. Optimizing your website for mobile browsing is the first step. If Responsive Webdesign is a great technique that allows your website to automatically and dynamically adapt to the different screen sizes (computers, phones and tablets), you will have to look a bit further to really take advantage of the mobile optimization. Indeed, on top of the device itself, consumer behaviour while using this device is to take into consideration.

What is the difference in the consumer behaviour?

Internet users do research on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. But they do not do the research the same way according to the device they are using. When using smartphones, consumers want to quickly find detailed information (like localised information for example) and most of them will act straight after this research. This is why it is really different than a research done on a computer: the consumer mostly does the research to act afterwards according to his findings.

How to optimize your website for mobile?

First of all, from a technical point of view, make sure your website can be opened quickly with a mobile device.

Then, adapt the content to focus on what the consumer is looking for. Studies have shown that consumers using a mobile device usually search information about the 4P: product, price, promotion and place. This information must be very easy to access!

There is no need to put all the content of your desktop website, only essential information must be displayed. Your content and the functionality offered on a mobile website should be simplified. The aim is to provide quickly the information your customer is looking for so he will act quickly and purchase or visit your store.

Here is a list of some functionality that can be interesting on a mobile website, according to your activity of course:

  • Product / Services catalogue (quick description, price, picture, availability)
  • Current discounts
  • Store locator with geolocalization
  • Link to contact you directly: by calling you and sending an email
  • Link to your full website, in case the customers is actually seeking more information
  • Links to social networks and blog that are optimized for mobile for an easy access to news about your company
You can have a look at this article about  What Users Want From Mobile Sites with interesting details from a Google Survey and a differentiation per industries.

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