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Colours impact communication – Graphic Design tips

Are you using the right colours for your identity and design?

Colour is a critical element to impact your customers and give a first impression.

When you are building your corporate or brand identity, creating your logo, your website design or any graphic that will support your image and convey a message, you wonder how your clients will perceive your message. The first impression is very important and studies have proven that colours impact a lot the subconscious judgment and play a significant role in brand recognition. Colours must be defined wisely and you can use colour psychology for this.

The impact

According to colour psychology, colours impact moods, feelings and behaviour. This is a tool that can be used in business communication to influence people’s feeling towards a brand or a product, and their actions in order to generate more sales.

The impact of a colour will vary according to the culture and the experience of a person so you will have to consider your target before applying colour psychology. For example, white is the symbolism of purity and innocence for most Western countries, but it represents mourning in many Easter countries, which representation will be black for Western countries.

However, some effects and feelings are known to be universal:

  • colours in the red area are warm colours (red / orange / yellow):  feelings of comfort and warmth or anger and hostility
  • colours in the blue area are cool colors (blue / purple / green): feelings of calm or sadness and indifference

What colour to choose?

We have compiled some feelings toward colours that can help you figuring out what colour would best suit your business / design and if the colours you are using are consistent with the message you want to convey and the actions you want you client to execute.

Blue: This is to be trusted

Security. Calm. Loyalty. Men’s favourite colour.

Works well for corporate website.


Green: This is nature and stable

Tranquility. Health. Balance. Calming.

Works well  for logos.

Very easy to read, very comfortable for the eyes.

Yellow: This is to get attention

Cheery. Bright. Warm (the sun).

Works well for Sale or Special offer.

As you can see, hard to read on white backgrounds and fatiguing to the eye.


Orange: This is the fun colour

Excitement. Enthusiasm.

Works well for calls to action to draw attention.


Red: This is to be noticed

Energy. Intensity. Strong Emotions. Stimulate the body.

Works well for impulsive purchase.

To be used soberly as it is also seen as a warning and a danger.


Purple: This is luxury

Royalty. Wealth. Artificial.

Works well to differentiate.



What are your feelings toward these colours? Did you use colour psychology for your logo design or website design?



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