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Advice to generate more traffic to your website!

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1. Do not stay ignorant about “how it works”

This first step is actually really important. We do not mean here you must learn technical stuffs or programming, but we recommend you to be aware of the basis of business on the Internet and SEO, just enough to get the principles and so you can build your online strategy. Of course, agencies like us can help you through the process, explain and share ideas and recommendations with you, but your strategy will be very efficient if you integrate it in your overall strategy so it is important that you understand what is going on. Moreover, you will have a chance to get what is great for your business and what is not necessary, so you will allocate your budget wisely. Just take time to read few articles… which is what you are actually doing right now! Good start!

2. Do not go without a strategy

Internet Marketing is like Traditional Marketing: you have the strategic part and the operational part, and it is highly advised not to run operational actions if they are not part of your strategy. So do not decide to open a blog or to create profiles on social media without a strategy behind it. If you do so and then do not animate them, it can be worse for your business than not having them on the first place!

You need a coherent strategy based on a long-term vision with real objectives, and you must make sure you have the resources to achieve your objectives.

3. Search Engine Optimize your content

This is a pretty basic advice, however it is very important so it had to be here! We often talk about SEO on our blog, and it is pretty obvious how being well ranked in search engine results will help you generate traffic to your website! So work on your content with the right keywords and make sure your website follows Google’s recommendations.

4. Offer original content an be creative!

By achieving this, you will provide relevant content that your audience will share so it will logically increase your traffic and attract new visitors! Images, videos, infographics are a great way to catch attention for example.

Make your content easy to share with tools to post it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks: place links on all your pages or posts! Great content will also generate backlinks to your website: other websites will refer to yours, sending your their visitors and showing Google that your website is interesting.

5. Analyse your results

Use the data provided by Google Analytics or another Web Analytics tool (like Omniture for example) to understand your visitors’ behaviour on your website. You will find out for example what type of content they like the most, what pages are not popular or make your visitors leave your website, which zones are the most clicked on your website… And all this will give you very useful information  to make improvements so you can achieve better results!

6. Connect and engage with your audience

Do not let your readers find you: go and find your audience yourself to invite your target to visit your website! With the web 2.0, you can easily connect with your audience. Identify the websites, forums and social networks they go to, and join the conversation there! Write informative comment on blogs, answer questions, reply to their messages… Do not forget to mention your website address on your other communication tools (for example on your business cards, your email signature…).

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