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Use Cross-Selling to increase your online sales – E-Commerce tips

With Cross-Selling, you can improve your online store from both the seller and the customer’s points of view.

Offer to customers products that are a complement to what they have purchased.

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Effects of cross-selling are interesting. First of all, it is of course an opportunity to increase the sales and the cart size. But it is not only profitable for the online seller. From the customer’s point of view, it improves the navigation experience and it is an opportunity to discover products in the catalogue he can be interested in.

Cross-Selling can be implemented on product pages or in the shopping cart summary.

You can suggest products from the same category than the current product visited/purchased. However, this may also present alternative products instead of complementary products: your customer may change his mind and finally chose a product you suggested instead of the product a was viewing on the first point. This does not increase the cart size but may increase the sales if it becomes an up-selling technique: the customer changes his mind for a more expensive products or for a package. But note it can also be down-selling if you feature products that are less expensive.

A technique of cross-selling that works very well is to showcase the co-occurrence of other customers’ carts: “Customers who bought this product also bought…”. This suggestions are more likely to be relevant complementary products that will be interesting for your customer.

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