Create your Business’ Facebook Page in few steps

Do you want to create a Facebook Page for your business?

You can do it easily by following our step by step instructions!

This article is part of the Facebook Business Page Kit


We already said it on Visual Blog, social networks are becoming important to set an online presence. With more than 11,000,000 Australian users and over 9 million small businesses on its platform, Facebook can be a great move to connect with your target. [Read More]

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Company Website Development: 6. Host your website

Do you need to have your company website developed?

You will need to have your website hosted. There are different hosting solutions for different requirements.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit. [Read More]


Link Building and SEO: Content is the key for success!

content highlightedDo you want to increase your position in search engine results?

Have a Link Building strategy!

Sometimes also referred to as Net Linking, this is the strategy of obtaining backlinks in order to increase SEO. The number of backlinks is taken into consideration by search engines, but also the quality of them: backlinks from popular websites will not have the same impact than backlinks from a website just created to generate backlinks, which could even have a negative impact. With no Link Building strategy, it sounds complicated to appear in search engine results. Have a look at our advice for Link Building: [Read More]

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Adapt and Adopt Inbound Marketing to be Successfull

“Inbound Marketing is a vital technique for businesses to learn”

Have a look at this infographics from Hubspot: “Why Everyone is Talking About Ecommerce Inbound Marketing”

Outbound Marketing is out and traditional marketing techniques are not the best ways to impact conversion. [Read More]

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Why choosing a Responsive Webdesign for you mobile website

With a responsive webdesign, your website design will look good on any screen.

Responsive webdesign adapts automatically your website design to the size of the screen of the user’s device. [Read More]

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Company Website Development: 5. Define your website solution

Do you need to have your business website developed?

Define your website solution and save time and money by providing a full brief to your web developer.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit.

What solution do you need?

Almost anything you can imagine can be developed on your website. If you ask a web-developer to build a website for your business, you need to be more specific. [Read More]

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