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Link Building and SEO: Content is the key for success!

content highlightedDo you want to increase your position in search engine results?

Have a Link Building strategy!

Sometimes also referred to as Net Linking, this is the strategy of obtaining backlinks in order to increase SEO. The number of backlinks is taken into consideration by search engines, but also the quality of them: backlinks from popular websites will not have the same impact than backlinks from a website just created to generate backlinks, which could even have a negative impact. With no Link Building strategy, it sounds complicated to appear in search engine results. Have a look at our advice for Link Building:

Do not focus on getting a high number of backlinks.

Even if it may sound weird, we believe getting a high number of backlinks should not be your main objective. Google is focusing more and more on the quality and the pertinence of the backlinks when evaluating a website to rank it in the search results, and even give a negative value to some backlinks! So yes, having backlinks is important for SEO, and having GOOD backlinks is a key of success.

There are many methods to get backlinks: link exchange, directories, buying links, write comments on blogs, be a guest post…  Most of them are useful for Link Building, but you have to do it carefully if you want the strategy to be efficient: you have to get the right balance so your backlinks have a positive impact on your SEO and make sure you create links that will look natural to Google!

Focus on providing great content for your target. Backlinks will follow naturally.

This is a long-term strategy which is based more on human beings than on SEO robots. It takes time and resources, but it is a great way to get very interesting backlinks over time, to attract relevant visitors… and to get more leads!

If you share regularly relevant content that will interest your audience, it will naturally generate traffic and backlinks from visitors who liked what you wrote on your website and want to share it. Some ideas: writing a blog, creating e-books, running a competition…

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