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Increase your Online Sales with Great Product Pages – E-Commerce tips

Advice to improve your product pages

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There is no sales person to do a speech and convince your customers when they are visiting your website: the content you provide on your product pages is essential to sell online as it is what will seduce your customer and push him to buy your product.

1. Choose the same structure for all your products

It will make it easier to read for your customers and to find the information that are important for him, or to compare your products:

  • Identify the key information (name, price, description, size, compatibility…)
  • Clearly separate these different parts
  • Order them the same way for all your products
  • Make sure the process to order is easy to follow: the add cart button has to be very visible!

2. Written content

First, keep in mind your content has a key role in your SEO: use keywords that your target would use to find your products.

Our advice:

  • Start with a global approach and then go into more details about the specificity of your product like an inverted pyramid.
  • Focus on your visitors: use “you, your” instead of “we, our” and engage them with your product.
  • Make it simple to read for your visitors: separate your ideas into different paragraphs, use titles (from the structure you defined, cf above) and put in bold important information.
  • Write short sentences, be concise.

3. Visual Content

With online sales, the customer cannot try the product and not even touch it. This can be considered as a obstacle for some products and some consumers. Visual content must be used in order to reduce this obstacle and create an experience. For your visual content, you must focus on what consumers expectations are when buying a product:

  • Provide more than one pictures, with different views of the product. 
  • Bring the product to life: show it in real-life situation, as your customer may use it.
  • Consider the possibility to zoom in for details, if it is relevant, to show the quality of the product for example
  • Use videos: this is a great tool to really enhance your product, demonstrate how to use it or even display a 3D feature.

4. Additional features

  • Redirect your customer to recommended products or offer him a package of products to sell additional items
  • Allow customer reviews: it will increase trust for new visitors, give additional information about your product experience… and you will have an opportunity to get feedback and increase your service!
  • Insert sharing tools so your visitors can easily publish your product on social networks or share them with friends by email!



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