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How much does it cost to build a phone application?

The right question is actually “How much does it cost to build a phone app including my ideas?

As for anything you build, the cost depend on your unique requirements! We hope this article will help to better understand the costs of your phone application project, whether it is for iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry, and to kill some myths and assumptions about it.

Would you ask “How much does it cost to build a house?” with no further details? The cost of a house depends on many criteria as the size, the number of rooms, the materials and the quality used, the design, the additional elements (swimming pool, veranda, garage, etc.)… I have no experience in building a house, but I am sure these two houses did not have the same cost even though they may both be described as “a house with 2 rooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a living room”.

How to estimate a phone application budget?

To get a real budget for building your application, you will need to have the full details of how your application will work and what it will offer. With your initial ideas, you will only get an estimation, with sometimes a very wide price range. Finding the example of an already existing app to show the features you like can be a good first step into estimating the budget.

But first of all, let’s break a myth: developing a phone application is cannot be free and it is not cheap. For an application to succeed, it has to have a great functionality, usability and appearance. We talk in thousands of dollars for building an app. A basic price can easily be multiplied by 10 according to the complexity, the features, the interaction and the graphics you require. It seems understandable that an app displaying simple information is less complex, so easier to build and cheaper, than developing a game.

Some examples of additional features that can increase the costs: In-App purchasing (user can buy content from your app, or buy a full version), Sharing options (to share on social media and by email), Content update (ability to change the content without having to change the app)…

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How to turn your idea into profit: monetize your mobile app

Do you want to take your mobile app idea to the next step?

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