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Company Website Development: 6. Host your website

Do you need to have your company website developed?

You will need to have your website hosted. There are different hosting solutions for different requirements.

This article is part of the Company Website Development Kit.

Jargon: Disk space, Bandwidth, Language and Functionalities

The disk space is the space on the server that will be allocated to your website.

The bandwidth deals with the volume of data that can be transferred between your website and the rest of the Internet.

A small amount of space and a low bandwidth will suit most of the websites, unless you have large files (like videos or animations) or you are expecting a large traffic (traffic will only impact the bandwidth).

Make sure the hosting solution is compatible with the coding language your web developer uses and with the functionalities you want to integrate in your website. If you later want to change your hosting solution, you will have to choose a server with the same characteristics to make sure your website will work on it!

Types of hosting

  • Shared server: there are several clients using one server. Good for small and medium bandwidth only.
  • Virtual private: there is one server but it is partitioned into several virtual servers and each client uses his own virtual server. Good for high bandwidth.
  • Dedicated server: there is one server per client. Good for very high bandwidth.

More concrete differences between hosting services

  • The price: Make sure there are no hidden fees and check if they charge monthly or yearly.
  • The level of support: will you be in touch easily with a “human”? Do they provide 24/7 support? Do they have a phone hotline?
  • The reliability: what is the percentage of uptime?
  • The location: the closest your server is to your target, the fastest it will load your website.


Your website is built, hosted and you have a domain name. It seems everything is ready for the launch! But your work on your website does not stop here and our article next week will give you information about how you can Promote your website.

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